June 9th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Felix Hernandez

skoormit - Tom Koehler

La Osa Rosa - Jonathan Pettibone

The Big Hurst: I, too, want to leech points off King Felix sometime in 2013.
La Osa Rosa:  I'm picking young man Petticoat today. Because he's tall and sexy.
skoormit: Koehler is 0-4 but he's pitched pretty well. I think he's due for a big game.


The Big Hurst: This blonde.  Again.
La Osa Rosa: I think old man Petticoat must be way better than young man Petticoat.
skoormit: Bah, that gif stops just short of her reaction, which is the payoff of the whole bit.
The Big Hurst: You're right that her expressiveness is the best part.  I'm a sucker for sparkly-bubbly.  I get just enough of the reaction to make it worthwhile.  My brain fills in the gap. I searched for fifteen minutes to try and link here to a cartoon from The Far Side. In it, there are two big predator cats sitting in a tree and a tourist with a camera is about to walk by underneath.  One cat says to the other, something like, "Remember, roar just before you leap.  These things have some of the greatest expressions."


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