June 14th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Jeff Locke

skoormit - Jake Westbrook

La Osa Rosa - Jake Westbrook

skoormit: Big Jake against the Little Fish. Tasty.
La Osa Rosa: I’m going to pick Jake Westbrook today. I think he’s cute : ) I’m a little bit annoyed that Matt Harvey was the SIXTH best pitcher last night. I’m extremely annoyed that you two got points and I didn’t.
The Big Hurst: I knew it would happen.  Miss Osa here emailed me at 10:47am about Westbrook.  I'm not getting around to it until just now because of my work and nap schedule.  I don't know who actually picked first, so all scheduled ridicule has to be off.  If anyone feels like ridiculing anybody, ridicule me because I'm a doofus and messed it up.  Y'all can double-root against me and I'll double-root against you.


The Big Hurst: And two points means a lead change - by a nose.  From YCPB: "Jeff Locke singled, just the second hit of his career."  When I get points, I feel like this playful team.


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