June 5th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Hisashi Iwakuma

skoormit - Clayton Kershaw

La Osa Rosa - Barry Zito

The Big Hurst: This silly game is a lot like baseball in some ways.  I did very poorly at first and wondered what I was doing wrong.  But then I was getting points and cruising and feeling on top of the world and believing in my own ego and that I was ssoo smart and could do no wrong and I wondered how I could tinker with my system to make it just slightly better.  But now I'm in a slump and can't buy points and everyone else is doing better than me and I'm wondering how I can completely change my system to get it working again.  When I'm doing good, I want to change something.  When I'm doing bad, I want to change something.  This silly game outside baseball mirrors the biggest struggle inside baseball.  Don't think, Meat.  It can only hurt the ballclub.
skoormit: My entire thought process today: "Hmm, Clayton is at home against the Padres. That's my pick."
La Osa Rosa: I’m going to pick Barry Zito. I had luck last night with the Giants. Plus I like the name Barry Zito.
The Big Hurst: You do like the wacky moon units, don't you?  Then again, so does San Francisco.


The Big Hurst: Howabout the drama of the 16-inning 0-0 game with a game-tying grand slam? Singin'...
I got points,
Points around my pitchers,
I got wins,
Wins around my peeps,
I got points,
Points around my pitchers,
And them wins, them wins,
They're set to bring me round.


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