June 25th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Jeff Locke

skoormit - Jose Fernandez

La Osa Rosa - "Smiling" Ervin Santana

skoormit: Am I picking this Joe Jones guy too much? Maybe we should have a rule about recycling picks. Not a proposal--merely musing out loud. On paper. Electronically.
La Osa Rosa: I think it’s perfectly acceptable to pick the same pitchers over and over again. Look at me! I’m picking Ervin Santana again. He’s got me points in the past and I feel loyal to him. Plus, he has just about the sweetest smile in MLB. Pink Marliner signing off!
The Big Hurst: Girls have the strangest thoughts about naming sports teams.  I've had the same feelings about the recycling issue, but I don't think a rule is necessary.  I try to spread the love around, but sometimes the best pitchers are just the best pitchers.  I think that's to be expected.  And I'm often surprised at who we don't pick - Verlander, for example.  But there's definitely more glory in getting points from taking a lesser-known starter.  I still think my favorite point-getter so far is the "40 and fabulous" Bartolo Colon.


The Big Hurst: A new leader today (by a nose).  Order is restored.  The peasants rejoice.
skoormit: Yay.


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