June 6th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Aaron Harang

skoormit - Gio Gonzalez 

La Osa Rosa - Shelby Miller

La Osa Rosa: Well, I’m not going to pick Mike Pelfrey. He is clearly the devil with an ERA of 6.66. I’ll pick Shelby Miller today. I picked him once before, but his game was rained out.
The Big Hurst: Shelby Miller might be the only decent-looking choice on the board.  But I'll try someone else.  Bigger risk means bigger glory.
skoormit: Gio gets me another letter in the double up category.


The Big Hurst:  Rainout for Gonzalez.  No charged pick.  Aaron Harang - even though he's got one of the best B-Ref id tags ("haranaa") - didn't do so great for me maybe.


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