June 29th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Francisco Liriano

skoormit - Jeff Samardzija

La Osa Rosa - Justin Verlander ("The Bum")

The Big Hurst: I made a change to the scoreboard.  Even though it's against my interests, I like it better this way.  If anyone protests, we can change it back.
skoormit: Is the change that you are ranking by average result rather than total points?
skoormit: My best guess at the O/U that Vegas would set for Trout's career-best post-2012 WAR: 10.0. I'd take the under, but I think that number would split the action.
The Big Hurst: Just ordinal scores based on average result, decreasing the appearance that I'm better just because I'm more consistent.  It's also less fiddly to fix every day.  Of course, baseball is partly about consistency, so I could argue that it's a different and valid measure of quality. I'd take the under on Trout.  I don't envy him his career though.  I think he's going to operate under truly burdensome expectations over the next 10 years.  Never win the first race.


The Big Hurst: More good games from the Rockies stadium.  Congratulations on the debut of 28 year old Jonathan Diaz for the Red Sox.  Must be a dream.


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