June 20th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Chad Gaudin

skoormit - Felix Hernandez

La Osa Rosa - Homer Bailey

The Big Hurst: Really?  Yes, really.  I think.
La Osa Rosa: I’m picking Homer Bailey. Little cutie pie.
The Big Hurst: I'm watching Brewers/Astros in extra innings right now.  The American practice of constantly playing cute little soundbite cheers over the loudspeakers at sporting events is ridiculous and annoying enough, but it's almost a twisted joke when the Astros stadium is clearly almost empty and they're playing things like those "We Will Rock You" type snippets where it's supposed to sound like a crowd is a'clappin' and a'stompin'.  Apparently, fan enthusiasm and support can be manufactured wholly electronically.  And with almost the complete absence of any actual fan enthusiasm and support.  Joseph Goebbels might be proud.
skoormit: Long live the king.


The Big Hurst: First, I reiterate that the beachfront Marlins are only good when you're looking.  I'm glad Koehler got his first career win: "Other than the day I met my wife, this is probably the happiest moment of my life. Definitely the happiest baseball moment."  But, holy cow, Gaudin was doing great before those beachfront Marlins took him out with a line drive to the throwing elbow.  This game is maddening (TGIM).


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