June 7th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Matt Harvey (rainout - changed to Hiroki Kuroda)

skoormit - Travis Wood

La Osa Rosa - Francisco Liriano

The Big Hurst: I liked this article from Deadspin very much, called "A Lip Reader Deciphers The Umpire-Manager Arguments of 2012", so I'm linking to it here for posterity, rather than carrying it forward in my bookmarks.  I'm pretty sure he's not saying "all right".
La Osa Rosa: Matt Harvey, don’t you let down The Big Hurst again!! I’m picking Francisco Liriano. I have a thing for Pittsburgh Pirate pitchers. Also, it’s an afternoon game, so I can preoccupy myself with checking box scores at work, instead of actually doing my dumb job. If I happen to get fired, maybe the Pirates will hire me as a bat-girl?
The Big Hurst: Dear Pittsburgh Pirates: If you saw The Pink Bear, you might hire her on the spot.  And we have another head to head matchup - and in Wrigley Field.  I'm thrilled! May the wind gust out all day. Meanwhile, I'm on record as being completely irritated at the whole PED storyline and I wish the baseball establishment would just get over it.  I could be over-jaded, but this Biogenesis story seems suspiciously like it's been ginned up for (at least) two reasons: (1) as an attempt by the Yankees to slip out of Alex Rodriguez's contract, and (2) as part of the you-knew-it-was-coming MLB jihad against Ryan Braun.  In the case of Rodriguez, it's something like $100 million at issue.  Quite a lot of people would fight dirty for that kind of money.  And in the case of Braun, experience suggests that law enforcement and prosecution types don't like being shown up or exposed as incompetent boobs. There are some powerful and angry people who might be willing to fight dirty to make sure he eventually gets a PED conviction - right or wrong.  In my eyes, this whole fight exposes just about everybody - including MLB management, owners, current players, retired players, all their "friends", and the sportswriters - as completely lacking in credibility.  None of these people is even vaguely neutral or credible enough to testify to any of this stuff, but we're being asked to pretend like they are.  It's all McCarthyism and innuendo.  Everybody's got an angle.  So, can we please keep the focus on the baseball?
The Big Hurst: I believe the Mets are rained out today.  I'm changing to Hiroki Kuroda much later this evening unless someone protests.  If you do for some reason, I'll just treat it like I didn't pick today.


La Osa Rosa: Eat it, dicks.
The Big Hurst: I can't top that.


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