June 27th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Stephen Strasburg

skoormit - Patrick Corbin

La Osa Rosa - Zach Greinke

skoormit: The Big Hurst and I are going head to head in a battle of aces this afternoon. Don't miss it!
La Osa Rosa: I have a gut feeling about Zach Greinke, so I’ll pick him. Even though he starts fights and looks mean.
The Big Hurst:  It's Don King, everybody, Don King!  And you're going down.
The Big Hurst: What are the odds that Mike Trout will ever/never have another year like last year?  His batting is still good, but his defense and base stealing seem down.  Does this imply he's not as mobile as he was last year - even just at age 21?  I think I'd bet against him ever being quite that good again, but I'm not sold on my own logic or intuition.
The Big Hurst: This D-Backs/Nationals game is a bit of a proxy, isn't it, because I used to live in DC and you used to live in Arizona?  But your team is better than mine probably.  But my pitcher isn't a desert mirage probably.


The Big Hurst: Well, fart on that.  Good game.  Good game.  But the consolation prize is listening to Vin Scully say "Pettibone".  I think we've had a lot of 6th places lately.


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