June 13th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Adam Wainwright

skoormit - Hiroki Kuroda

La Osa Rosa - Matt Harvey

skoormit: Why am I picking so damn many Yankees?
The Big Hurst: That phrase almost has to be "so many damn Yankees", doesn't it?  The correct noun is "damn Yankees".  It's not just a modifier.  I don't know that the word "Yankees" can be used separately.
The Big Hurst: I found these fun quotes over on Baseball Prospectus:
  • "I can see the comparisons, for sure. Break down the tools. Running is real close, but I'd probably give the edge to Bo. Probably give Bo the edge on the arm. Raw power? I haven't seen enough [of Puig], but Bo had huge raw power. The thing about Bo, he was a little new to baseball. He had been so focused on football. This kid looks like he has played a little more baseball. Bo was a great athlete who played baseball. This kid is a baseball player.''
    —Padres manager Bud Black, on the comparison of Puig to former two-sport star Bo Jackson. Black was a teammate of Jackson with the Royals in the 1980s. (Tracy Ringolsby, MLB.com)
  • “I hit two one time in Little League. That was about it. It's a great feeling and so surreal right now. I can't speak right now.”
    —Cubs catcher Dioner Navarro, on hitting three homers in a May 29 game against the White Sox. (Carrie Muskat, MLB.com)
  • "It's impressive. You're talking about a guy that people said might barely make the team in the fifth spot. He pitches well in spring training, but it's spring training. Then the season starts and he's doing pretty good now. He's on a roll now. I'm impressed."
    —Diamondbacks starting pitcher Ian Kennedy, on teammate Patrick Corbin after the southpaw twirled his first career complete game against the Rockies on Monday. (Steve Gilbert, MLB.com)
The Big Hurst: An example of my favorite moment in Game Score Bingo might be right now for Kuroda.  It's 4:55 pm CST.  Kuroda's line is 8.0 IP with 2 H, 2 ER, 2 BB, and 3 K.  I think that's a Game Score of 71.  He's got 103 pitches.  There are more games tonight.  If you picked him, do you want the manager to let him stay in and potentially get a better score?  Or do you want the manager to take him out now?  It's cool that our game lets you have some of the same feelings and problems as a manager.
skoormit: I'll bank the 71, thanks. Especially on a short night. If it's an afternoon game with a lot of good pitchers starting around the league in the evening, I'll take another inning, please. I guess MLB managers don't think quite like that. But they certainly have the same feeling of pushing their luck to get one more inning out of the guy. 



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