June 11th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Max Scherzer

skoormit - CC Sabathia

La Osa Rosa - Jeremy Hefner

The Big Hurst: Now, I think the Baseball Reference preview has R.A. Dickey starting two days in a row.  If anybody could, I guess Dickey could.  Dear B-Ref, we love your site.  But leaving a space blank and not knowing is better than getting it wrong.  Thank you and keep up the good work!
skoormit: Am I the only one who thinks of him as Milliliter Sabathia?
La Osa Rosa: I’m really not sure who to pick today. I feel strangely drawn to the unnamed pitcher for the Cardinals. Is that why you’re waiting on picking, The Big Hurst? Because you might want him if it’s someone good? Yesterday I was reading up on Wikipedia on my favorite pitcher of all time, Nate Bland. He’s my favorite pitcher because he’s tall, hunky, has gorgeous blue eyes, and is the only baseball player I’ve ever met in real life. We waited tables together during the off season, between when he was in the Mexican League and when he played in Taiwan. He made his MLB debut on May 5, 2003, playing for the Houston Astros, and his last MLB appearance was June 27, 2003. That’s better than a cup of coffee! And he’s much, MUCH sweeter than a cup of coffee too. Swoon.
The Big Hurst: His first name is cool.  His last name is cool.  He's got those off-kilter (and gorgeous?) eyes.  And he's 28.  I kept almost picking him, and now's finally my chance.
La Osa Rosa: I guess I’ll pick Jeremy Hefner, even though he’s not as good looking at Nate Bland. Max Scherzer’s eyes. Wow! I’ve never seen such a thing.
skoormit: Holy geez a Nathan Bland connection! I faced him in Dixie League about...let's see...22 (!) years ago. He played for the Southside team. He no-hit us. I struck out once and reached base twice on walks. Which puts my career OBP against future MLB pitchers that I know of  (OBPAFMLBPTIKO) at .667. Eat that, MLB scouts that never knew I existed!
The Big Hurst: Seriously? That is cooooool.  Now we just need Nate Bland to show up and comment about how he quietly swooned over The Pink Bear and how he remembers trying to pitch skoormit low and outside.  Did you ever hit against Colter Bean?


The Big Hurst: GAME SCORE BINGO!  Scherzer is two points, so I've got one of each!  Our first bingo!  Is there a special prize? When it was time to pick, I disparaged Aaron Harang because I already kicked myself once for picking him.  But congratulations to him and his gem!  Apparently, my spidey sense is off by just a few days.  The Pirates are definitely all excited about this Gerrit Cole kid - solid debut.  Via YCPB: "He also singled in two runs in his first at bat" and "that was Cole’s first hit since high school."


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