June 3rd, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Joe Saunders

skoormit - Kyle Kendrick

La Osa Rosa - Justin Masterson

skoormit: I'll take double-k against the Beachfront Marlins.
La Osa Rosa: Yesterday I picked based on a sweet smile and it worked out for me, so I’ll do the same today. I’m picking Justin Masterson, as his picture on Wikipedia is endearing and his smile is precious. I bet baseball pitchers really love being called precious, don’t they?
The Big Hurst: Depends who's calling them precious.  And no one should horn in on both my double-letter game and my jihad against the beachfront Marlins!  And all at once!  A change of subject: I always wish there was a little more reporting at the beginning of each season on which teams have restructured their ballparks for the new year, moving fences in and out and that kind of thing.  With one-third of the season finished, the numbers seem to indicate that some ballparks are playing significantly different than last year.  The character of some of these parks (I'm looking at you, Chicago) seem to have entirely changed.  Is this real or random fluctuation?  Is there any reporting on this subject from these cities?

Change in Park Factor from 2012 to (part of) 2013
  • Chicago (NL): +0.472 (from neutral to a crazy hitter's park)
  • Philadelphia: +0.366 (from neutral to a strong hitter's park)
  • Los Angeles (AL): +0.264 (from a strong pitcher's park to neutral)
  • Seattle: +0.240 (from a strong pitcher's park to neutral)
  • Colorado: -0.448 (from a crazy hitter's park to a strong hitter's park)
  • Chicago (AL): -0.371 (entirely changing from a hitter's to a pitcher's park)
  • Arizona: -0.218 (from a strong hitter's park to neutral)
  • Texas: -0.217 (from a strong hitter's park to neutral)
  • Baltimore: -0.195 (from a strong hitter's park to neutral)


The Big Hurst: Kyle Kendrick hit a triple??? Bonus points. And howabout the debut of Ryan Reid at 28, and the tantalizing debut of Yasiel Puig for the Dodgers? Two hits and an outfield double play.  I'll bet Cuban guys have sweet smiles, too.


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