September 7th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Tyson Ross

skoormit - Tanner Roark

La Osa Rosa - Brett Oberholtzer

The Big Hurst: Picking Haren and Roark demonstrate an unyielding commitment to the method.  Meanwhile, throughout this season, I've crunched some numbers on park factors.  (1st link, 2nd, 3rd)  Now, it's closer to the end of the season, so the 2013 park factors are much more finalized than they were back then.  I believe there's a trend.  As of right now, here are some big movers from 2012-13:
  • + 0.280 Seattle (no longer a pitcher's park)
  • - 0.234 Chi Sox (no longer a hitter's park)
  • - 0.223 Texas (no longer a hitter's park)
  • - 0.215 Arizona (no longer a hitter's park)
  • - 0.191 Boston (no longer a hitter's park)
  • + 0.178 LA Angels (no longer a pitcher's park)
  • - 0.160 Baltimore (no longer a hitter's park)
The trend may be standardization.  The range of park factors in 2012 was significantly wider than the range in 2013.  Ballparks have shifted and narrowed more towards the middle.  Is this because these teams have taken it upon themselves to "fix" these parks?  Or was there some coordinated action with MLB this year?  Whatever it is, it's definitely whiplash to me that some of these parks may now be essentially "neutral".  So Boston and Texas aren't friendly to hitters now?  At least for 2013, baseball's parks seem to have lost some of their character.
   Again, I've seen no media reporting on this at all.  I wonder if anyone more familiar with these teams/stadiums could report on any changes this year?
The Big Hurst: And you pre-reported the Mike Trout stuff.



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