September 6th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Jose Fernandez

skoormit - The reanimated corpse of Dan Haren

La Osa Rosa - Anibal Sanchez

The Big Hurst: Because I'm a pain in the tuckus.  (And he's the best on the board.)
skoormit: You got my boy, so I'll take a zombie against the Marliners instead of any of the other actual pitchers available.
La Osa Rosa: Sonny Gray is a shining star.
The Big Hurst: That's hilarious.  Note to self, even the Rold Gold Pretzel Guy might be better than a real pitcher, if he's pitching against the Marliners.


The Big Hurst: From YCPB, Jose Fernandez had more hits at the plate (2) than he allowed in his seven innings on the mound (1).


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