September 25th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Hisashi Iwakuma

skoormit - Cole Hamels

La Osa Rosa - Ervin Santana

The Big Hurst: I'm picking Iwakuma, but secretly rooting for the Royals.  It's win-win, I guess.  Unless the game is 11-6 Marliners by the end of the first inning or something.  The vast majority of the "Cinderella" hype this season has been about the Pirates, but when's the last time the Royals ended a season with a winning record?  (I checked this out and learned an odd fact.  Going back to 1993, the Royals only have winning records in years ending in a "3".  That's 2013, 2003, and 1993.  Go figure.)  Or - *ahem* - ended with more wins than the Yankees?  And for around $150M less in salary?  Umm, $150M might buy you the whole Detroit Tigers roster.  So for the $230M Yankee payroll, I could buy the whole Tigers roster and add it to the whole Royals roster, but they're still out of the playoffs in 2013.
La Osa Rosa: I want to pick Ervin Santana. Ervin Santana always gets us 3 points. skoormit has 3 points from him and I have 6 points (from two 3-point picks). The Royals are definitely into 3’s.
The Big Hurst: I couldn't resist doing it.  If you bought the Tigers and Royals for their combined $230M payroll and combined them into one team, this might be the core of the team you could field.  These guys would probably win over 100 games.  Santana barely missed the cut with a 2.9 WAR.  That Detroit rotation is awfully good.
  • C Perez (4.0 WAR)
  • C Avila (0.7)
  • 1B Hosmer (3.7)
  • 2B Infante (2.5)
  • 3B Cabrera (7.3)
  • SS Peralta (3.5)
  • UT Santiago (1.0)
  • OF Gordon (4.2)
  • OF Jackson (3.3)
  • OF Cain (3.2)
  • OF Lough (2.5)
  • DH Butler (1.6)
  • SP Scherzer (6.1)
  • SP Sanchez (5.9)
  • SP Verlander (4.2)
  • SP Fister (3.9)
  • SP Shields (3.7)
  • RP Holland (2.9)
  • RP Benoit (2.8)
  • RP Smyly (2.4)
  • RP Hochevar (1.9)
  • RP Coleman (1.3)


The Big Hurst: Is this my last points of 2013?  If so, I'm glad it's Iwakuma.  I consider us friends, Hitachi. *sniff*


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