September 24th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Ubaldo Jimenez

skoormit - Yu Darvish

La Osa Rosa - Zach Miner

skoormit: Pick stealer!
The Big Hurst: I think my reconflabulated goal is just not to end the year with the Blarfy Kitty.  So I'm just cheering against y'all.  (Of course, this childish behavior may be essentially taunting the Kitty, and we all know what happens when you taunt the Kitty.)  Maybe, then, I should change my short-term goal just to pick a second gem?  (Of course, this may also taunt Fate.  What can a good person do? The horror, the horror!)


The Big Hurst: According to YCPB, there have been three no-hitters broken up at the 8.2 mark this year.  I also think there have been sixteen 90+ game scores this year in the time we've been playing, and we've picked exactly 1 of them.


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