September 15th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Clay Buchholz

skoormit - Dillon Gee

La Osa Rosa - Edison Volquez

The Big Hurst: And a sweet, appreciative farewell to Vladimir Guerrero.
La Osa Rosa: I'll pick Edison Volquez.
The Big Hurst: Really?
La Osa Rosa: Sure!
The Big Hurst: Because it doesn't really matter, right?
La Osa Rosa: And he's got a funny name.


The Big Hurst: The important, scientific question: Why does it work to pick against the Marliners?  And a follow-up: Why does it only seem to work for you?
skoormit: It works because the Marliners are historically terrible. It only works for me because random luck.
The Big Hurst: Darn you, random luck. Anyway, you raise an interesting point.  In predicting gems, does the opposing team's offense (or lack thereof) matter more than I think it does?  If so, how much more?


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