September 19th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Gio Gonzalez

skoormit - Yu Darvish

La Osa Rosa - Madison Bumgarner

The Big Hurst: He's the best on the board, I think.  Plus, it makes you think.  No more Ricky Nolasco for me, thank you.  I've had enough.
The Big Hurst: More on Trout: He's already got 20 WAR in two full years of pro ball.  To make it into the top ten players of all time, he'd need about 130 WAR.  I didn't believe it before, because I thought last season might have been a fluke.  But now I'm starting to believe.  It's perilous at best, but let's assume a 20 year career.  (The top ten guys all played at least 21 years.)  Trout would only need about 6 WAR over 18 seasons to get to this level.  It's too soon to realistically start making these kinds of predictions, but considering that his established level of production seems to be something like 9 WAR, it seems plausible.  And the fact that it's plausible at all is exciting.  There aren't many players that you can realistically say might end up as a "Greatest of All Time".   And if he's good for "only" 5 WAR over the next 18 years, he might end up a top 20 player.
   I hate to ask, but how much is Trout going to be worth as a free agent?  His might be the largest contract of all time.  Also, will he keep his speed at all?  White guys tend to lose it.  Will he mirror Barry Bonds and develop into a monster power hitter later in his career?  What's going to happen?  The drama is fun.  I can hardly wait.
La Osa Rosa: Picking against the Marliners again, huh? I’ll pick Madison Bumgarner.  And WOOHOO! Points! I forgot what they felt like!
The Big Hurst: Well, the Marliners haven't paid me yet to stop picking against them.  Hello to random offense from schlub hitters.
The Big Hurst: I noticed today that Budweiser is the "official beer of MLB" - whatever that means.  Maybe I'm over-reacting, but isn't this a conflict of interest and a bad idea?  There's an obvious "beer war" between two, maybe three, cities in the NL Central.  St. Louis is the home of Budweiser.  Milwaukee is the home of Miller.  And the Cubs hate them both, so you're stuck with Old Style.  (Also, the Colorado Rockies kind of represent Coors.)  By allowing Budweiser to be the "official beer of MLB", doesn't it give an impression that MLB officials prefer the St. Louis Cardinals?



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