September 13th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Clayton Kershaw

skoormit - Danny Salazar

La Osa Rosa - Madison Bumgarner

La Osa Rosa: I’ll pick Madison Bumgarner. Just to be in direct competition with The Big Hurst. He says that my swing looks a lot like this.
skoormit: Again Mike Trout lost 0.2 WAR. He went 1-5 with a 2B and a BB. He's running out of time to reach the magic 10 WAR plateau.
The Big Hurst: Trout was unlikely to begin with and I'm surprised he even got close.  Then again, everything about Trout is a surprise.  With regard to WAR, is there any chance that it's not Trout that's moving day-to-day?  Could the "replacement value" he's being compared to be changing significantly every day?  Meanwhile, I've been looking for ejection data.  I just got a curious hankering to look up which players in the majors have the most ejections and which players never get ejected.  I was going to figure the "ejection rate" for players. I was guessing some are awfully big, while lots are zero.  This is the best site I could find quickly, but it's not great.  Is there another, better resource for ejections, especially ejections listed by player over several seasons?  I want to know the total number of times Miguel Cabrera has been ejected, for example.
The Big Hurst: In the past, we've discussed the Barry Bonds criminal prosecution and appeal.  The appellate court allowed the conviction on "obstruction of justice" to stand.  Here's a link to the opinion, if you're insanely interested.  I'm pretty sure I disagree with this.  I'm surprised there was no dissent and I'm curious if there will be a further appeal.  It could still get overturned.  I'm greatly concerned that the government is allowed to consider it criminal when a person gives an "evasive" answer under oath.  For anyone who's ever been around any legal proceeding whatsoever, this might apply to almost anybody's testimony.  It all seems like a a matter of whether - like Bonds - the government has a vendetta to get you at any cost.  The prosecution may consider it a "victory", but I consider it a waste of time.  There are major things wrong with this and no justice has been done.


The Big Hurst: Following up on the Bonds thing, there's the story that he wants to (1) serve his sentence immediately and (2) continue to appeal.  I'm not sure you can/should do both.  I hope he appeals the legality of this criminal statute.  We (read as "our government" or "you and me") essentially just spent taxpayer money to target and punish a fairly non-verbal person for saying stupid things under oath.  That's pretty stupid.


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