2013 Regular Season Wrap Up

The Big Hurst: Friendly handshakes all around.  Good game ... good game.  All hail skoormit, King of Game Score Bingo in 2013!  The clear winner, dating back at least a couple of months.  I guess I'll take some consolation that I (barely) win the straightforward point race, 150-149, but that's not really much help, especially since I'm ending with the Blarfy Kitty.  Blarf!  A favorite player of mine, Juan Pierre played every day from 2003-2007, but he still wasn't as valuable as any player that hit with more quality.  His attendance was still worth notice.  So much appreciation to skoormit (and La Osa Rosa), and I hope he gives a much-deserved shout-out to the Marliners in his speech.  How'd ya dewit?

La Osa Rosa: It’s pretty amazing that the last two points of Game Score Bingo came from the infamous BUM!!  I am not ashamed that I got in third place for Game Score Bingo. I’m actually quite proud that I was in 1st place for a few glorious days in June!  I learned a lot of baseball-y stuff this summer.  Like that there’s a difference between a “double” and a “double play.”  And that Kansas City has a baseball team!  And that there used to be a team called the Raisin Eaters!  Plus, if we weren’t playing this game, I would have never known that a guy I went to high school with, Josh Lindblom, plays for the Rangers and it was pretty cool to see him.  AND we got to discuss Nate Bland (one of my most favorite topics).  The other day I overheard someone talking about R.A. Dickey and *gasp*, I knew who that was!  Never before have I known a sports player’s name (besides the ones that date Kate Hudson).  Now I’ve heard of half of the pitchers in MLB.
   It had never dawned on me, before this summer, that pitching matters.  I mean, I knew that the ball had to be pitched to the batter and that he was supposed to throw it fast into the strike zone.  He’s not supposed to get balls and he’s not supposed to hit the batter.  But the batter’s the one that matters, right?  He’s the one that gets on base and gets points, right?  What’s it matter how the ball’s thrown?  But now, after I’ve played this game, I think it does matter (every other reader is saying “duh” right now).
   Anyway, thank you for letting me play your game and teaching me a thing or two about baseball!  I’ll never not think of you guys when I hear about Miattle Marliners.

skoormit: My chief weapon was Jose Fernandez. I got 23 points out of him in total. I was a month or two ahead of the curve on how good he was. I'd love to credit that to baseball savvy, but it was really just luck. It just so happened that at one point this year, my fantasy team needed to pick up a starting pitcher from the available free agents, and so I looked at who was available and saw this Fernandez kid had just that day gotten promoted to the bigs. I did five minutes of research and discovered that he was a very highly rated prospect, so I grabbed him. I therefore noticed right away when he started kicking arse, and I regularly nabbed him when I could here on GSB.

So it was really just Jose Fernandez. Him, and picking against the Marlins. My two greatest weapons. Picking against the Marlins was just rote for me after a while. I'd scan the daily slate for the Kershaws and Wainwrights and Fernandez's and other obvious studs, and if I found none, I'd look at who was pitching against the Fish. Unless that guy was really bad, I'd take him. The Miami offense was just really, really, really terrible. I mean, their OPS+ ended at .627. I'm sure that has to be the worst season in a long time. I can't figure out a way to research that with the play index tools on b-ref. But trust me, this was a Really Bad Offense.

So, yeah. It was J-Fern and picking against the Marliners. And also King Felix. My three weapons.

The Big Hurst:  I think these are the final average Game Scores for us in 2013.  Does anyone out there on the internet think they could do better?
  1. skoormit - 58.2
  2. The Big Hurst - 57.1
  3. La Osa Rosa - 55.5

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