September 26th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Alex Cobb

skoormit - Andrew Albers

La Osa Rosa - Miguel Gonzalez

The Big Hurst: Yesterday, I combined the Tigers and Royals for $230M and got the core of an outstanding team.  Today, I'm combining the 2013 Marliners and Astros for about $64M.  I think they would fit together nicely, because the Astros had an acceptable infield and the Marliners had an acceptable outfield.  Together, this could be the core of a team that might win 90+ games.  A great note, pitcher Henderson Alvarez for the Marliners has 0.5 WAR from his batting prowess in 32 PA.  His batting WAR is better than all but four other Marliners batters.  This was an inept offense.  You couldn't make this stuff up:
  • C Castro (4.6 WAR)
  • C Corporan (0.7)
  • 1B Carter (0.6)
  • 2B Altuve (1.1)
  • 3B Dominguez (2.5)
  • SS Gonzalez (0.5)
  • UT Lucas (1.4)
  • OF Stanton (2.4)
  • OF Yelich (1.2)
  • OF Barnes (1.7)
  • OF Ozuna (0.5)
  • SP Fernandez (6.4)
  • SP Nolasco (2.2) (assuming he's still with the Marliners)
  • SP Oberholtzer (2.1)
  • SP Eovaldi (1.9)
  • SP Norris (1.8)
  • RP Cosart (2.5)
  • RP Cishek (1.9)
  • RP Qualls (1.7)
  • RP Dunn (1.6)
  • RP Webb OR Veras (1.1)
La Osa Rosa: I’ll pick Miguel Gonzalez. I’m pretty sure I’ve never picked a Baltimore Oriole. They must not have any pitchers with catchy names. For me, instead of there being an American League and a National League, the baseball teams fall into two different categories in my brain:

1. Teams that I knew about before I started playing Gamescore Bingo and
2. Teams that I had never heard of or maybe vaguely know in the back of my mind

The known teams are:
  • Yankees (because I’ve heard of both Arod and Derek Jeter. Although I’m still convinced they’re the same person)
  • Reds (the only MLB game I’ve been to. I went when I was about 8)
  • Rangers
  • Twins
  • WhiteSox
  • Phillies
  • Braves
  • Mets
  • Angels (I saw the movie Angels in the Outfield when I was a kid)
  • Dodgers
  • Orioles (I remembered them cause I like birds)
  • Giants
  • Cubs
  • Cardinals
  • Redsox
  • Rays

Unknown Teams:
  • Blue Jays (I think I vaguely knew that there were Blue Jays, Orioles, and Cardinals, but I didn’t know where the Blue Jays were from)
  • Indians
  • Royals (I had no idea that Kansas City had any type of sports team before this year, but I’m partial to the Royals now. I really like Ervin Santana. I think he’s sweet)
  • Diamondbacks (Sorry skoormit)
  • Padres (I still have to rack my brain to remember where these guys are from)
  • Brewers
  • Tigers
  • Athletics (I REALLY did not know there was a team called the As before this year)
  • Marliners/Mariners (had no idea these teams existed, but they’ll forever be in my memory now)
  • Nationals
  • Astros
  • Pirates
  • Rockies

skoormit: It's only too bad that we don't have teams with really awesome names, like the Raisin Eaters.
The Big Hurst: You're right.  And you can't beat old-fashioned names like Orval Overall.


The Big Hurst: Don't call it a comeback! Because it isn't - yo!


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