September 23rd, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Adam Wainwright

skoormit - Justin Verlander

La Osa Rosa - Jose Quintana

La Osa Rosa: What a bee-utiful game in Anaheim yesterday. The bum again? skoormit will never give up on the bum. Meanwhile, The Big Hurst will never give up on betting against the Marliners. Meanwhile, meanwhile, I should probably just give up. But I’ll pick Jose Quintana.
The Big Hurst: Nobody wants Tanner Roark?  But he's a beast this year! Meanwhile, meanwhile, meanwhile, I want to comment about team payrolls.  Here's a 2013 payroll chart, based on this site, for all current, serious playoff contenders:
  • NYY $229M
  • LAD $216M
  • BOS $159M
  • DET $149M
  • TEX $127M
  • STL $117M
  • CIN $111M
  • ATL $89M
  • CLE $83M
  • KAN $80M
  • OAK $69M
  • PIT $66M
  • TAM $57M
   These totals are always fun to cross-reference with team wins.  How amazing is it that right now the Oakland A's ($69M) have more wins than anyone in major league baseball, except for the Boston Red Sox ($159M)?  They're also whomping the Angels ($142M) and the Rangers ($127M) in their own division.  This is a heck of an accomplishment.  In the ancient, ongoing conflict between money versus talent, I'd probably prefer the money.  But this demonstrates that sheer talent can still sometimes win.  There must be some inherent problems with having money, but I sure don't know them.


The Big Hurst: When you can coax points out of The Bum, I think I have to concede that your mojo may be stronger than mine - at least this year.  That'll do, pig.  That'll do.


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