September 12th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Zack Greinke

skoormit - Tyson Ross

La Osa Rosa - Nathan Eovaldi (after injury, Joe Kelly)

The Big Hurst: After 5.2 yesterday, I don't think Petit is going again today for the Giants.  I think it's Matt Cain.
skoormit: The MLB Network's coverage of the Jose Fernandez stuff last night was top-notch. I heart Harold Reynolds.
The Big Hurst: You stole my chicken! But that is cool video and analysis.  To me, it feels a bit like how they used to treat Wayne Rooney.  If you've got a talented hot-head out there, it's a viable strategy just to rile him up.  Especially if he's totally blowing you away that night.  I'd start yakking too, and I like El Oso Blanco even more now.  Also, I haven't watched TV in a long time.  What's up with moving the camera back and forth constantly?  Is that just to make something they know is boring more interesting?  What's with all the American flags waving in the background?  Do you have to "love America" to watch baseball?  Does baseball have to cozy up to the American government so they maintain their special protection?  What about the Blue Jays?  And holy cow these sets just keep getting busier and busier.  I'm old now.  So old.
La Osa Rosa: I’ll pick Nathan Eovaldi to see if the Marliners will give me some luck!
The Big Hurst: Eovaldi didn't end up pitching today, because of a sore back.  Do you want to take a pitcher in one of the later games, or just take a rainout?  Is that fair?
La Osa Rosa: I don’t think I’ve ever picked a Marliner before and the first time I do, bam! His back hurts. It’s like the universe is trying to keep me from picking them. The Marliners are a mysterious team. I’ll pick Joe Kelly of the St. Louis Cardinals.
The Big Hurst: The Marliners are definitely mysterious, which adds to my appreciation.


The Big Hurst: According to YCPB, Roy Halladay, as a batter, walked with the bases loaded in the first inning.  What YCPB may have missed is that Halladay, I think, just recently tied the record for most consecutive strikeouts as a batter.  As a batter, he is the worst.


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