September 17th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Sonny Gray?  (Sonny Gray)

skoormit - Mike Leake

La Osa Rosa - Clayton Kershaw?  (Zack Greinke)

La Osa Rosa: Umm, I guess I’ll pick the unknown pitcher for the Dodgers and hope it’s Clayton Kershaw.
The Big Hurst: Baseball Reference isn't updated today.  I guess skoormit would pick the unnamed Phillies starter? If Gray goes today, I guess I'll take him.
The Big Hurst: What kind of a brave new world is it when skoormit won't pick Roy Halladay against the Marliners?  First, because it's Roy Halladay.  And second, because it's against the Marliners.  Hey, when it's your day to pitch against the Marliners and skoormit won't pick you, you know you've sunk pretty low.


The Big Hurst: So Tanner Roark is a beast, right?
skoormit: I'm not a prospect expert, but I don't think he's all that special. His minor league numbers aren't all that great. He's 26 years old, which unqualifies him from prospect status anyway. He's a journeyman on a good run.
The Big Hurst: Then this is his "Beast Mode" and he'll remember it forever.  I'd want to be a journeyman on a good run, too.


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