May 31st, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Bartolo Colon

skoormit - Clayton Kershaw

La Osa Rosa - Shelby Miller (no pick - rainout)

The Big Hurst: Always pick the 40 year old, right?  He knows stuff.
La Osa Rosa: Thanks Felix Hernandez! You got me my first points. And I LOVE points. I’m picking Shelby Miller today, even though I unofficially picked him in the past and he burned me. Don’t let me down today, Shelby, or I’ll never forgive you.
skoormit: Clayton, Clayton, he's our man, if he can't do it, I won't get any points.
The Big Hurst: Holy cow, picking Kershaw in the thin air of Colorado!?! That's like the Battle of the Titans! Or Scylla and Charybdis! Or Joe Versus the Volcano! Who will win?!?


The Big Hurst: No charged pick for the Shelby Miller rainout. And Kershaw battled the Volcano to a draw. But it's one point to me today for every decade in Bartolo Colon's charmed life.

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