May 22nd, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Madison Bumgarner

skoormit - Justin Verlander

The Big Hurst: I'm the bumper today, not the bumpee?  Is today the day you opt out of Verlander?  Oh, the suspense is killing me.
skoormit: Oh, I'm taking Mr TwoNoHitters. Don't you worry.
The Big Hurst: You mean Mr. Game-Score-Of-15? What have you done for me lately, Justin? Maybe this Kate Upton relationship - whatever it is - is really bothering him?


The Big Hurst: It's fun to post a good score early in the day and get to root against everyone else.  It's not so fun to watch others pass your 68. Congratulations to Tyler Lyons, who got his first major league win in his major league debut.  Also props to Chris Colabello, finally getting his first major league at-bats at age 29 after definitely paying some dues.

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