May 28th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Jeremy Hellickson

skoormit - Matt Harvey

La Osa Rosa - Jorge De La Rosa

skoormit: I dunno who's bumping who at this point, but my first choice is Matt Harvey. Second choice is Hideke Irabu Hiroki Kuroda.
La Osa Rosa:  La Osa Rosa obviously HAS to pick Jorge de la Rosa. I’m picking almost solely based on his name. Although, his ERA isn’t too bad and I feel like he might be lucky. Mark my words, I will never pick Brandon Morrow because I went to middle school with a person by the same name and he was a real jerk-hole to all of us on the bus.
The Big Hurst: I'm continuing my baseball jihad against the Marlins today.  I think the easiest rule is not to worry about bumping with more than two players.  The current rule is first come, first served.  But if you select an already-selected pitcher, you'll be subject to shame and public humiliation.  But there's no other real penalty. Yep, I can't think Hiroki without thinking about the fat pussy toad.  May he rest in peace.
The Big Hurst: Is there a way to upload a PDF file to this blog and link to it so you and other people can download it? If there is, I can't find it.  I see ways to upload pictures and video.


The Big Hurst: So the Marlins can hit now? Is that really right? And now I'm bringing up the rear. A very tough day when a 76 gets you two points and a 65 gets you nothing. Funny that Harvey and Kuroda woulda got you the same score, when you kinda sorta picked them both. Brownie points. Congrats to Mike Kickham and Nate Karns, both pitching their first MLB starts.  What are the odds on two rookie starters with a "K" last name getting their debuts on the same day?

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