May 15th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Zack Greinke

skoormit - Shelby Miller


The Big Hurst: All things being equal, is it better to take a NL pitcher over an AL pitcher?  The NL guys have lower ERAs (and fewer ERs) because of the pitcher batting.  On the other hand, do teams substitute more often for NL pitchers, because of the need for pinch hitters and increased offense?  Do NL starters tend to work fewer innings than AL starters?
skoormit: Pitchers who threw a great game their last time out are going to throw another great game this time. Scientifically proven.
skoormit: If all other things are equal, that means the opposing offenses are equal, even with the DH factored in. Therefore I'll take the AL guy, since he is more likely to pitch deep into a tight game.
The Big Hurst: And Dodger pitching has "momentum" - whatever that means.  The AL/NL theory is interesting.  I wonder if it's a testable proposition?



skoormit: Woo, 4 points from Shelby. He's hot! Greinke was close, but no Samardzija.
The Big Hurst: It's cool that Greinke is even back and pitching.  Moral victory.

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