May 10th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Alex Cobb

skoormit - Wandy Rodriguez


The Big Hurst: Lots of compelling but difficult choices again today.  I think next time something as plain as King Felix against the Pirates comes up again (or Burnett against the Mariners), I should maybe take it.  This is a fun game.  Do you go with Matt Cain, even though he seems to be struggling?  He's got an Alabama connection, you know.  And he's 28 - the cusp of greatness.
skoormit: I guess we're both passing on the Dothan kid who pitched a perfect game last year. Cobb is a nice pick, I think. I'll go with DontCallHimWendy.
The Big Hurst: Not just a perfect game, but one of the most dominating games ever.  A 101, I believe.  Is there a list somewhere of all-time highest Game Scores in MLB?  I thought about Mr. Rodriguez, but I can't quite think "Wandy Rodriguez" without a sing-song tone and a little eye-roll.
skoormit: B-Ref's play index tool can answer that question.
The Big Hurst: As of this moment, Cobb is 3.0 IP with 9 K.  Which sounds terrific, except I tuned in again just as there was a HR.  And then he balked in a run.  But 3.0 IP with 9 K is a fascinating start.


The Big Hurst: Well, no points but it's a moral victory when your guy strikes out 13 in 4.2.  Tantalizing.  Who is that Miller guy?  And why exactly did we both pass on Cain?
skoormit : Cain's ERA was way high. I kept hearing Harold Reynolds' voice in my head, saying "scuffling" over and over. And yeah...Shelby Miller throws a near-perfect game? YCPBB.
The Big Hurst: I can't see the full play index list on B-Ref.  And I can't seem to find any obvious list on the internets.  Maybe we should publish the list of 9.0 or 10.0 IP Game Scores over 100 as a service to mankind?  (Maybe weed out all that 15 IP oldtimer hokum from the 19th century?)


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