May 30th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Jeff Locke

skoormit - Jake Peavy

La Osa Rosa - Felix Hernandez 

La Osa Rosa: I am going to pick Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners. According to Wikipedia, he threw a perfect game last year. Come on, Felix! I want a pitcher! Not a belly itcher!
skoormit: I'm taking the Mobile native and the most recent Alabama player to win a Cy Young. Can you name the last Bama Boy to win one before JP?
The Big Hurst: Maybe Bo Jackson?  Am I really picking two Pirates pitchers in a row? My how things have changed up there. And the King is definitely not a belly itcher.


The Big Hurst: Two points to the Pink Bear!  Why won't they leave Hernandez in? He's no belly itcher. Serious congratulations to 31 year old Ed Lucas, who had his first major league at bat yesterday after 925 games in the minors.  Lucas started in the minors in 2004.  That's an odyssey. Also, some cool things courtesy of You Can't Predict Baseball: Travis Wood hit a grand slam off Jake Peavy.  It was Michael Wacha's major league debut and he got his first hit before giving up his first hit - not bad.
skoormit: Has anyone mentioned how maddening this game is? Well, it is. Would be even more so if we were docked points for bottom-five results.
The Big Hurst:  Wildly maddening! Because pitchers will break your heart. And Fun! Fun, fun, fun! Fun, I tell ya! We knew that going in! Peavy has a pitcher hit a grand slam against him?  Sanchez was cruising the other day until he let it all get away in the space of about seven pitches.  The real question is whether we're doing any better than random? If we had a computer pick a pitcher at random every day, what would the computer's score be?

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