May 14th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Klayton Kershaw

skoormit - Felix Hernandez


skoormit: I'm taking Kershaw if you don't. If you do, I'm taking King Felix again.
The Big Hurst: You can count on a computer dude to use a sophisticated "If-Then" function.  I agree with you that Kershaw might be the big monster on the board today.  I'm also going to pretend he's a K.K. so I can scratch that letter off my list.  Is there an easy place to get umpire information for each day?  Which ump is calling each game and whether they're a high-offense or a low-offense ump?  A while back, did we decide that this was a negligible or significant factor?


The Big Hurst: Though I totally had Kershaw as a 5-star pick and I'm happy for the points, I feel bad bumping you.  Should the rule be that we're able to take the same guy?  If we get other players, I think we'll probably have to ease up on the exclusivity rule.  But with two, it's no good if we both take the same pitcher.
skoormit: I will point out that the M's pulled the King at only 97 pitches. Again. If he goes out and throws a 1-2-3 7th I finish in the money.
skoormit: I like the exclusivity rule. Forces you to look at other options rather than always taking whichever stud is pitching tonight. With more players I think it's even better with exclusivity. If we were being super-competitive about it, we wouldn't tell the other fella what our preferred pick is. Though Kershaw, of course, was a big fat obvious one. I didn't feel like I was tipping my hand.
skoormit: With more than 3-4 players we might want a system that lets us enter our picks (in order of preference) each morning whenever we want, but does not reveal them until all players have picked (or MLB games have started). Without such a thing, it would start to get cumbersome for the last player to pick on a given day to have to wait until everyone else had chimed in.
The Big Hurst: We'll think about it harder if we get a few extra players. I'll poke around.  I tried to get you to pick Slowey over Verlander a while back, but you're hip to my tricks.  Meanwhile, you're right that the Mariners seem to be pulling Felix earlier than necessary.  Still, "if", "if", "if".  I'm a little skeptical of picking younger pitchers for that same reason. Ballclubs don't seem to let them pitch longer innings anymore.

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