May 23rd, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Jeanmar Gomez

skoormit - Ervin Santana


The Big Hurst: A tiny little day today.  Ten starting pitchers?  I feel a lot of pressure to get this right.
skoormit: I'm tempted to take Unnamed Starter for the Jays. Just because. But I'll settle for Ervin.
The Big Hurst: I've been dying to take Unnamed Starter. The team media liason says he's ready for the challenge. He says he's just here to help the ball club and, God willing, it'll all work out. I like that guy.  Speaking of, do you know about Scott Rice?  A 31-year-old rookie for the Mets with a 2.82 ERA over 27 appearances?  What does this guy's story look like?  I can't help but cheer the underdogs.
The Big Hurst: If I pick a guy with an early start, and he goes 3.2 IP and then there's a long rain delay, can I pick another guy in the night shift, if it becomes clear he won't keep pitching when the rain ends?  I'd say no and I wasted my pick, but I'm just checking. The alternative argument is that baseball statisticians sort of imagine that the game never have happened at all if they might not finish and it didn't go five.  Maybe we'd consider it like my pick today never happened and I don't get charged with a selection?


The Big Hurst: I laughed out loud when I saw the chart this morning.  How ironic is it that Gomez gets five points for a rain-shortened 53 in 3.2 innings, especially after I whined about it?  We may need some clarification of rain rules. I think it might should be entirely caveat emptor, unless a game is completely rained out.  A completely rained out game might not should count as a pick at all. It's a sad day when there are ten pitchers, but only three over 50.  Kudos to us for getting two of those three. But Unnamed Starter wouldn't have worked out so well.  Did you notice it was listed wrong on the slate as for Toronto, when really it was Baltimore that hadn't named a pitcher?  And that's Kevin Gausman's first major league start, I believe.


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