May 16th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Stephen Strasburg

skoormit - Justin Verlander


skoormit: Verlander? I hardly know her! If you take Captain Obvious, I'll take Adam Wainwright. He makes wagons.
The Big Hurst: Even though it'll burn me soon enough, I'll be on record again as saying I'm not sure Verlander is the best pick.  It's hard to take Strasburg with his recent history, but I have a hunch it's just some noise in his signal.  I picked late today, but I haven't looked at all at the St. Louis game.


The Big Hurst: You know I like you, but you also know how competitive I am and how badly I want to beat you.  If there was ever a day to gloat just a little, it's when my guy is at the top, your guy is at the bottom, and I correctly predicted in writing that your guy might be not so hot.  Five points!  And a 15 may qualify as a "Stinker" - especially given the actor.  I'm sure the tables will be on the other foot soon.  Meanwhile, I just read this about Justin Verlander in the 2008 Bill James Handbook that I bought for $2: "As a rookie, I was a little skeptical of him because, despite the 100-MPH fastball and the 17 wins, he struck out only 124 batters.  But last year he was much more confident with his curve ball and his change, and his strikeouts were way up.  There are Cy Young Awards in his future."


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