May 27th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Jake Odorizzi

skoormit - Adam Wainwright

La Osa Rosa - Madison Bumgarner

skoormit: Verlander's a bum. I've always thought so (since the last two times I picked him). Long live the wagon maker!
The Big Hurst: We might look back on today as the true start of Verlander's decline.  Alfredo Aceves is calling me, but I'll go with Jake Who?  I thought my youth would perish when Chipper Jones retired, but I think the real canary in the coal mine may be Tim Hudson.  We're the same age and I used to regularly go see him play when we were in college.  For $1.00 per ticket, I believe.
La Osa Rosa:  Well, I told The Big Hurst that I wanted to pick Arod/Derek Jeter, but turns out they're not playing today. Also, turns out they aren't the same person... Strange. So I picked Madison Bumgarner cause I remember hearing his name on the baseball radio once and he was doing good at pitching the baseball. Plus he's 6'5" and that's a hunk in my book.


The Big Hurst: Well, I've got my first real stinker.  I've got to start seriously considering Samardzija, but there's always something about him that makes me skeptical.  Maybe it's because I can't spell his name.  And we would have all done better if we'd picked Verlander.  That goes back to the principle where a pitcher is almost guaranteed to do better if we all disparage him. Did you see the cool news item that Colby Rasmus doubled off his brother, Cory Rasmus?

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