May 17th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - C.J. Wilson

skoormit - No pick

The Big Hurst: We were talking the other day about whether it was better to take an NL pitcher or an AL pitcher, all things being equal.  In other words, do NL or AL pitchers tend to have higher Game Scores?  I did a little non-exhaustive research on the subject.  My finding is that the Game Scores of AL pitchers may tend to be around a point higher than NL pitchers.  My methodology was very superficial, but I'm guessing accurate-ish for our limited purposes.  I've been reading a copy of the 2008 Bill James Handbook.  In his "Additional Bill James Leaders" section, he's got top ten categories for "Highest Avg Game Score" and "Lowest Avg Game Score" for both the AL and the NL.  If you total up these figures for both leagues, the average for the AL is 51.38 and the NL is 50.64.  If you throw out the outlier score on each chart, the average for the AL is 51.45 and the NL is 50.50.  To answer "why" is too complicated, but this makes me more confident that there's a slight difference when we're selecting an AL or NL pitcher.  A next question: What type or style of pitcher might be most affected by any difference between the leagues?  A pitcher with high or low endurance?  A pitcher that can or can't hit or bunt?  Back on topic, there are a lot of intriguing and closely-matched choices today.


The Big Hurst: Back to baseball self-stimulation, with no opposing pick.  No harm, no foul, as Wilson didn't quite get there.   I don't know if I even considered Sale, which was stupid, but I thought about Kuroda really hard.  If, if, if.

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