May 9th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst -Freddy Garcia

skoormit - Jeff Locke


The Big Hurst: A tough day.  Lots of hard choices and I don't see any obvious pick.  And with the added pressure of only a few games.  With so few games, I feel like I have to pick a winner.  I think I want Freddy Garcia, but you could bump me.
skoormit: I don't know who Jeff Locke is, but I'm picking him.
The Big Hurst: Locke was a thought for me too.  I'm straying from my double-letter picks, but only because there aren't any.  I had L.L. and then M.M.  I was looking for N.N. or K.K. today.  Maybe I'll get the whole alphabet eventually.  Back when I played Baseball Mogul regularly, one team of mine drafted Garcia early and he was a long-term stud.  So I'm a little bit sentimental.
skoormit: That's cutting edge analysis right there. The guy was good in a simulation you played some long time ago. Actually, that's probably as valid as my own analysis, which was "this guy has an ERA that doesn't suck (3.21) and he's pitching against the Mets, who suck and who are starting a guy with an ERA that sucks (Dillon Gee, 6.16)."  Although I admit I was tempted to pick Guthrie so we could each root for our own guy and against the other guy's guy while only following the one game.
The Big Hurst: How is it possible that neither one of us took the Price/Dickey reigning Cy Young matchup?  And maybe I'm playing dumb so you won't understand how I'm picking...


skoormit: I still don't know who Jeff Locke is, but he got me two points, so I like him. He wasn't as good as the reanimated corpse of Scott Kazmir, though.
The Big Hurst: ...then again, maybe I'm actually dumb, because I still don't have any points.  It happened again by the way - my guy is doing okay and then, just as I tune in - POP - 2 run homer.  Maybe I'm bad luck.  How about Kazmir?  Good job, and Garcia needs a little of that reanimation juice.  Did you really just sneak two points with a 62?


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