May 12th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Gio Gonzalez

skoormit - Tommy Milone

skoormit: Not a lot of big names to pick from today. Wow, how far has Tim Lincecum fallen that I'll say that? I'll take Tommy Milone if you don't.
The Big Hurst: Now that it's been a week, they're cycling back around.  And now I feel like I have some history with these guys.  After a few months, there's going to be some guys we don't pick because of prior heartbreak.  You don't want Chen again, for example?  Yeah, I liked Lincecum all along, but I think I would've told you five years ago he probably wouldn't have a long career.  And I'm also on record saying Mike Trout might get fat.  I'll take the guy with the Birmingham Barons connection.  (And another alliterative name.)


skoormit: Gonzalez gets The Big Hurst on the board with four points. I don't lose any points for a bottom-five pick, do I?
The Big Hurst: Maybe put it under your name as a "Stinker" on the Detailed Scoring?  But I had Milone on my short list too.  And 36 isn't awful.  Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't.  I finally have points!!!  (I definitely did a happy dance...)  The first time I didn't listen to even a little bit of a start and I think it's the first time there wasn't a HR against my starter.  I was out sunburning myself at a college baseball game.  I tell ya, it's weird to be sitting on a 78 and then rooting hard against Chris Sale and his 1-hitter later that night.  I guess we're past the debate whether this behavior is okay or not, but any form of fantasy baseball creates strange feelings on who to cheer for.  Have you noticed that anybody we both disparage ends up Top 5?  Today, Lincecum.

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