May 21st, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Matt Cain

skoormit - Adam Wainwright

skoormit: Several decent options today. I'll take Wainwright, I think just because I'm fixated on his name.
The Big Hurst: I think you may be fixated on his enormous, huge 2.51.


The Big Hurst: Well done on a tough day to try and score.  Six pitchers over 70.  I think the "hard" days are when the top 5 all get over 70.  The "easy" days are when no pitcher breaks 70.  That's kind of an indicator.  In other news, in any rational world why is Mattingly "on the hotseat"?  It's clear who's got the real power when the owners and general manager can overpay this much for dubious talent and then take it out on the manager when those purchases don't pan out.  Is a manager just a modern, high-priced "whipping boy"? When does the general public start to see through this trick and correctly hold the people at the top accountable?  (This may reflect a wider issue, of course.)

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