July 1st, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Jordan Zimmermann

skoormit - Jose Fernandez

La Osa Rosa - R.A. Dickey

La Osa Rosa: I’m going to pick R.A. Dickey today because I love Canada.
skoormit: The question for the day for anyone playing GSB, whether they are leading their league or trying to catch the leader: is it better to pick Mike Kickham when you're up, or when you're down?
The Big Hurst: I dunno.  I just want the bubble headed bleach blonde.  Some batting-related stories, too.  Is Yasiel Puig or Jose Iglesias more likely to hit .400 for the year?  Could Michael Cuddyer get up to 30 hits in a row?
La Osa Rosa: I googled all the pitchers today to see what they look like. This picture of Matt Moore is adorable.  I think Scott Diamond is pretty good looking too.


The Big Hurst: Well, poop.  A new leader for sure.  Is an 87 a "gem" or does a pitcher have to break 90?  Ten strikeouts and two hits in eight innings is pretty darned good.
skoormit: I think 90 is a perfectly cromulent arbitrary delineation for "gems".


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