July 12th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Clayton Kershaw

skoormit - Stephen Strasburg

La Osa Rosa - Patrick Corbin

The Big Hurst: Is Kershaw approaching a level where he's always the best choice?  Of course, I realize I just jinxed him today.
La Osa Rosa: I guess I’ll pick the desert mirage Patrick Corbin today. I’m starting to lose hope that I’ll ever get points again…
The Big Hurst: As I type this, 5 ER against Strasburg in the first inning.  Didn't you see the memo??!?  Holy jeez, never bet against the Marliners.


The Big HurstApparently, the worst start of Strasburg's career.  Also, Vin Scully noted how unusual it was for Kershaw to have 2 ERs against him in the first inning.  His ERA is under 2.00 right now, so the math is pretty easy.  Also, how unusual is it that, in the last two days, two pitchers made their major league debuts and taken no-hitters into at least the sixth inning?  Jarred Cosart & Danny Salazar.  Nice job, rookies, but you're messing up our little game here.  Maybe pitchers making a debut should get a little bump in my system, until the major league hitters figure them out?


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