July 14th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Cole Hamels

skoormit - Taylor Jordan

La Osa Rosa - Adam Wainwright

The Big Hurst: Last day of games before the all-star break.  And a very tough day to pick.  Instead, I threw a dart.  During the all-star break, I'm going to make a big board.  Every day, I'm going to write all the names up there and start letting my dog pick.  Or maybe I'll say the names one at a time and toss him a treat.  The first name he fails to catch at is the pitcher I'll pick.  Can't hurt.
skoormit: Is Taylor Jordan even a real name?
The Big Hurst: Maybe more than Stryker.  A random thought.  If you ran a baseball organization as a General Manager and you found a coach that was a wonderful, A+ educator, where would you put him?  Would you want your best educator with the major league team or would you want him teaching the kids down in A or AA ball? Are those two different skillsets?
skoormit: In general I think you want your educators in the minor leagues, and your best motivators in the majors. Established major league players have the skills they need. They need morale management more than they need skill instruction. But your major league coaches also must have a solid technical knowledge of what it takes to compete at the highest level. Your hitting coach in the majors is not teaching swing mechanics to major league players; he is simply providing advice on adjusting and maintaining proper swing mechanics, and facilitating the exercise and practice routine necessary for the hitters to maintain their skills.


The Big Hurst: With three points today, I'd say order is restored at the top of the standings.  How about "fat, forty, and fabulous" Bartolo Colon finishing the first half with a 2.70 ERA?  And Raul Ibanez rising from the grave at age 41?  Howabout Jayson Stark's first half crazy box scores and weird injuries article?  Hey, were da whole Braves team injured at once?  And we're on a break.

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