July 25th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Hisashi Iwakuma

skoormit - Justin Verlander

La Osa Rosa - Hiroki Kuroda

skoormit: The big V's last four game scores: 74, 35, 75, 30. Obviously he'll get mid-70s today.
The Big Hurst: You've clearly found the trend.  Iwakuma's been improving the last few games.  He's due.
La Osa Rosa: I think I might have meant to pick Hisashi Iwakuma rather than Hiroki Kuroda. Besides getting confused by their names, Hisashi Iwakuma plays for the Marliners and I usually get confused whether that means Miami or Seattle. So maybe I really meant to pick the Miami pitcher? Who knows. I’ll stick with the guy I picked. When I picked Kuroda, I thought “this is that guy that The Big Hurst always picks.” I wasn’t thinking it in a mean, I’m going to steal him way. I was just thinking it in a he must be kind of good because he always picks him way. But come to find out, Kuroda’s not even the one he usually picks – it’s Iwakuma!


The Big Hurst: It's a good day to have odd vowels in your name.  Yes!


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