July 28th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Jose Fernandez

skoormit - Todd Redmond

La Osa Rosa - Bruce Chen

The Big Hurst: Yep, you talked me into him.
La Osa Rosa: I just want to cry.  Especially after yesterday's fiasco.
The Big Hurst: Don't cry, sweet baby angel.


The Big Hurst: Yesterday, I noted that we've had recent days where we needed a 77, 76, and 74.  That brutal trend continued today.  Add a 75 to that list.  But overall another good day for us predictirs.  The Marliners are still frustrating.  I didn't hear Fernandez's good first inning, but I turned it on for the 2 ER second inning.  In disgust, I turned it off again, because they were saying he wasn't pitching well.  So I missed the rest of his good outing.  The moral: when I'm paying attention to my pitchers, they stink.  Don't watch the games.  According to YCPB, the last pitcher under 21 to strike out 13+ in a game was Kerry Wood, back in 1998.


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