July 13th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Felix Hernandez

skoormit - Dan Haren

La Osa Rosa - Lance Lynn

The Big Hurst: The best gif I've seen in a while.  Yasiel Puig collision at the plate.  That's man on a man action.
skoormit: Both men still standing? Weak sauce.
The Big Hurst: Well, I liked that Puig here looks a lot like Bo.  And the catcher's reaction is priceless.  Your baserunner needs smelling salts though.  Yoinks.  Wait, that guy's real name is Stryker?
The Big Hurst: Lincecum no-hitter! We didn't pick it, but who wouldn't be happy for him?  He's the "Will he ever be good again" guy.  148 pitches!  


The Big Hurst:  A strange day.  Two 90+ gems.  We picked neither of them.  We're not good at this.  Lincecum was great, but I wouldn't have had that as a predictable gem.  Five 72s, all for 2 points.  And a 7 point gap past the 72s.  What in the world made you pick Dan Haren (of the 6.00 ERA)?  Nice job, Glory. 
skoormit: I propose a rotating award for the most recent person whose pick came in dead last in Game Score in MLB for the day. The Egg Layer Award, or some much more clever name.


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