July 3rd, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Matt Harvey

skoormit - No pick

La Osa Rosa - Felix Hernandez

The Big Hurst: Elefino.
La Osa Rosa: I want to pick Matt Harvey too! But since he’s already been chosen, I’ll pick King Felix.
The Big Hurst: Look who's getting the nicknames down! And I can partly answer the question about baseball's normal gem rate. I used this tool at ESPN to check how many 90+ games there are every season. Since 2004, there's an average of something like fourteen 90+ games every year.  In 2010, however, there was a big increase in the rate and it's more like nineteen 90+ games every year since then.  So the gem rate - at least for 90+ games is something like 14-19/year or 2-3/month.  So May 2013 had more 90+ gems than expected (>=6) and June 2013 had fewer 90+ gems than expected (1).  I don't know how I'd figure out the 80+ gem rate without some serious brute force.  My educated guess is that it's around 17-20/month, including those 90+ games.



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