August 19th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Hyun-jin Ryu

skoormit - Jose Fernandez

La Osa Rosa - Francisco Liriano

skoormit: Ahoy maties. I am back to continue my domination. I start with the kid with the live arm, pitching against the best team in the world.
skoormit: I think only a dead-worst GSC on a given day counts as a blarf.
La Osa Rosa: I’ll pick Francisco Liriano today. I vote that the Blarfy Kitty has to be the very bottom and it has to be a very ridiculously low gamescore. Like if you’re at the very bottom with a 38, that does not count because that’s not embarrassingly low. Or if you’re second to the bottom with an 8, then you were spared by that one doofus pitcher that did worse than an 8.
La Osa Rosa: The Big Hurst and I went to a Nashville Sounds game on Saturday. I mentioned in an earlier post (July 22) that I went to high school with a starting pitcher for the Texas Rangers, Josh Lindblom. Well, Josh now plays for the Round Rock Express, who were playing the Sounds on Saturday. Josh wasn’t pitching on Saturday, but we got to say hello to him. I’m not sure if he remembered me from high school, but he was super nice and a lot more buff than I remember. I guess if you’re a professional athlete, you have to be a little more muscle-y than a scrawny 16 year old. I’ve known two professional athletes – Nate Bland and Josh Lindblom. I guess that makes me qualified to write sports-y stuff on this blog, right?
The Hurst Big: It's funnier if I got blarfed with Gaudin, but we won't count it.  I'm glad that skoormit's "domination" is balanced out by his continued ownership of the Blarfy Kitty.
skoormit: Does anyone else think we should denote the gemmiest pick of the season (TBH with Darvish) alongside the Blarfy Kitty in The Score?
La Osa Rosa: No way! You’re just wanting people to be distracted from the fact that you have the Blarfy Kitty Award. If anything, I think the Blarfy Kitty Award should be in BOLD
The Big Hurst: I'd say taking this public position may doom Rosa to the next Blarfy Kitty.  In truth, I'm fairly lukewarm and persuadable on the idea.  If you feel strongly about it, I'd leave it to your discretion whether to change the format.


The Big Hurst: Maybe she'll get the Blarfy Kitty, maybe she'll take us over.


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