August 22nd, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Clayton Kershaw

skoormit - Clayton Kershaw

La Osa Rosa - Stephen Strasburg

The Big Hurst: The primary administrator gets first pick.  Droit du seigneur, or something.  Cool Trout app, bro.  Cool.  Congratulations to Ichiro Suzuki.  4000 is 4000 in any league.
skoormit: I don't always coattail on someone already picked, but when I do, it's because he's the best pitcher in the world and he's pitching against the worst offense in years.
La Osa Rosa: You got to pick Clayton Kershaw, but he’s against the dreaded Marliners. Your arch nemesis. I’ll pick Stephen Strasburg. I’ve never picked him before, so I hope he does me right.
The Big Hurst: Booooo, coat-tailer!  Eternal scorn and humiliation!   Give him the Scarlet "C"!  Plus, you may have outsmarted yourself, because the Marliners are only good when I pick against them.  You'll be ruined.  Ruined!
La Osa Rosa: Scorn to skoormit for picking Clayton Kershaw! You're acting like a bunter.


The Big Hurst: Scooooooorn! You know, the primary problem with coat-tailing here is that it you took away my opportunity to catch up.  If you intentionally pick the same pitcher I pick, especially somebody like Kershaw, you're effectively insulating yourself against second place.  It's a bit like batting .2995 going into the last day of the season and sitting it out.  So, boooooooo!  Then again, coat-tailing a guy (that actually gets five points) indicates, perhaps, a super-confident pick in this game.  Howabout 1 point for a 60?  Well done, except Strasburg had a 76, I believe, (first place!) going into the 9th inning and they let him foul it up. 


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