August 12th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Yu Darvish

skoormit - Wade Davis

La Osa Rosa - Hiroki Kuroda

The Big Hurst: Goodness gracious, I'm averse to picking Rangers and Angels.
La Osa Rosa: I’m not scared of picking the Yankee. I’ll go with Hiroki Kuroda.
skoormit: Yay, my process is not thwarted today.
The Big Hurst: Did I just pick a legit gem?  Yessir, I believe I did. Please put that on my permanent record.  Does that balance out all the pain and suffering from playing the rest of this arbitrary and capricious game?  Maybe.  Just maybe.


The Big Hurst: Today might've been the hardest day to get points we've had.  A 79?  That's tough.  Meanwhile, through all the obstacles, Rosa's streak keeps on trucking.
skoormit: Ooooh, preeettttyyyy!


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