August 7th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Madison Bumgarner

skoormit - Charlie Morton

La Osa Rosa - Matt Harvey

The Big Hurst: Somebody could probably make a pretty good living betting stubbornly against the White Sox and Marliners.  Not me probably.  But somebody.
La Osa Rosa: It's hard to tell how good looking a baseball player is by googling him.  For example, Jhoulys Chacin looks terrible when you look at his pictures, but I saw a video one time and he was really cute.  And that's what made me pick him the next day.  But he let me down and I won't pick him again.
skoormit: I find the juxtaposition of the above two comments endearing.
skoormit: Best baseball card blog post ever.


The Big Hurst: That is a good blog post.  It makes me happy.  So we only needed a 62 for points today, which stands in sharp contrast to the days where we needed a 74-76.  Bumgarner's 8th inning last night illustrates that the difference between a 74 and a 54 is often just a couple of poorly-timed hits.


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