August 11th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Mike Minor

skoormit - No pick

La Osa Rosa - Clayton Kershaw

The Big Hurst: At least I can make you have to use your brain for more than half a second today.  Plus, Mike Minor is an excellent double letter name.
skoormit: Oops, had no time to pick today until way after all games were over. If I had managed to log in this morning, I would have picked...let's see...TBH took my anti-Marliners guy, Pinky McBear took my "pick the best pitcher on the planet" guy, so I would have taken...Strasburg. Now I'm gonna go look up how he did...
skoormit: I has a sad. Boy, did I miss out on some points.
skoormit: Does anyone else think that pussies are for bunting?


The Bug Hirst: I dunno.  I love bunting.  Credibility: You don't has it.  Meanwhile, Pinky's streak continues.  And I missed the chance to comment on the debut of Buddy Boshers, from Huntsville, Alabama.


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